Help to Quit

Do you want to quit smoking or know someone who wants to quit?
Do you or your kids live in a home or spend time with people who smoke?

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco use can make you and your family sick and cost a lot of extra money. The good news is anyone can quit smoking! Smoke Free Families is here to help you and your family live SMOKE FREE.

Maybe you have tried to quit before and it hasn’t worked, or you are just now thinking about making a change for the first time. We know quitting is hard, but Ohio Smoke Free Families has resources that can help you. You can find handouts that give reasons why to quit and lay out different ways to get help quitting like:

Quitting is different for every person and there is no ‘one’ way to do it.
To learn more, click on the colored boxes below based on where you are in the quit process.